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You should never feel lost in your own story.


Creative Agency

“Do good work for good people.”
Aaron Draplin


When Should You Invest in Creative Services?

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What Are

Creative Services?

Creative Services are the points of contact that impact the way your customers, your community, and your industry perceive you. It tells them about how serious you are about what you do, how you want to be seen, and what they should expect when they interact with you.


Good creative matters more than m most organizations realize. It can be the difference between getting a grant or not. It can impact whether someone chooses to give you their business or your competitor down the street.


A good creative agency allows you to tell your story in ways you never imagined and makes sure you look good every step of the way.


At Folklore, we have had a hand in some of the most influential companies and organizations in our region. We have designed the logos, produced the commercials, wrote the copy, shot the photography, and created the stickers and apparel that cut through the noise, moved the needle, and grabbed the attention. 


We believe that our ability to leverage our creative skills and background in gorilla marketing to tell compelling stories is what we do better than anyone.

Your Marketing Materials Are Outdated

Whether you are designing a new marketing brochure,  need new photos of your staff or organizational programs, designing new business cards or letterhead, or need a video for a trade show that is coming up, investing in professional creative services ensures that you are telling your story and not someone else's. 


You work hard every day to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Make sure that your marketing materials reflect your unique story.

You Need a New Commercial Spot

If content is king, video is the crown.

We made the decision early on to do things the right way and not take shortcuts when it comes to our video production. We bring out our best equipment and rent anything else that is needed to bring your story to life. We hire a professional support team and pay an industry rate. We write good, industry leading scripts. We set up multi-day shoots when the situation calls for it. We do it right.

We create videos and commercials that you will love, but more importantly that your target audiences will love. We want to produce things you are proud of, or what’s the use of doing them at all?

You Need a Web Site that's Changes

the Game

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer or donor will have with your organization. It should reflect your unique personality, tell your story, and invite the viewer into a deeper relationship with you. 


We get to know you and what you want to accomplish and then create a unique web experience to help you crush your goals without using a single piece of stock photography or boring block of copy.

You Need Words, Photos, and Audio That Woo Your Audience

Nothing establishes authority like good creative.

We write the words, shoot the photos, design the logos, and produce all of our audio in house because your creative should be as unique as you are. We've leverage the skills honed independently over the years to build what we consider to be the most killer creative storytelling team in the region.


What Tools Can You Expect to Be Utilized

in our Creative Services?


Commercial Photography

























What’s the Word on the Street for

Our Creative Services?


"While we all aspired to revamp our branding and expand our marketing, we simply didn’t have time to devote to it. And, frankly, we didn’t possess all the skills sets needed to move those areas forward. Partnering with Folklore has allowed us to continue working on our daily tasks while they were in the background working on creative pieces for us. They’ve taken the time to learn about our mission and champion it as their own." - Mary Ellen Gust | Board President, BCARL


The Folklore Process



The Approach phase of our process is all about research. We talk to you, the people who love you, the people who don’t love you all that much and everyone in between. We conduct digital audits of your social media and searchable footprint. And we take a look at the players in your industry to find a niche area that you can own and uniquely dominate.



The Articulation phase is the fun stuff. It’s the stage that most people think of when they envision the process of building a brand and reputation.


We take all of the information that we collect in the Approach phase and begin to build out your own unique strategy, including visual assets, messaging assets, partnerships, and all the materials you’ll need to move the needle.



Amplification is about turning up the volume on your new strategy by using all of the appropriate tools in our toolbox. This varies from client to client, but it normally involves varying degrees of owned, earned, paid, and shared media use.



The key to success is your ability to Adapt. You make decisions based on the best feedback you receive. You get some things right. You get some of it wrong.


It’s what you do with each round of feedback that will affect how relevant you remain. We use that feedback to periodically tweak your messaging and positioning to ensure that you keep cutting through the noise and gaining the positive attention you need to keep evolving and making a difference.



Now your story begins...

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