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You should never feel lost in your own story.


Marketing & Advertising

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.”
Seth Godin


When Should You Invest in

Marketing and Advertising Services?

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Why Should We Hire a Public Relations Agency to Handle Our Marketing and Advertising?

We approach our marketing services through the filter of storytelling and reputation development.


That makes us different. 


We’re not focused on short term gains because they are a depreciating asset.


We want you to build a foundation and strategy that will serve you for years to come because if you build a strong brand, a strong reputation, it drives down all of your other marketing costs and increases your long term position and strength in your community and the market.


We have a lot of marketing and advertising experience, but overtime, as the lines between public relations, marketing, and advertising began to blur, we began to realize that it’s all about reputation and brand awareness.


Connections and attention drive the market now, not price. You can make a difference. Don't settle for being a commodity.

You Have an

Advertising Budget

You need to spread your advertising dollars as far as they’ll go, and those dollars should be placed in media and programming content that makes the most sense for your unique audience and your unique goals. 

We leverage the power of our entire client list and our relationships with the media to negotiate the best deals for you and make sure that every buy is thoughtfully placed to ensure the best possible outcome when measured against the metrics and demographics that matter to you.

The best part, we don’t charge for media placement, and you don’t receive any more phone calls and emails from media reps.


Don't misunderstand us. They are largely great people, some of our favorite people. There's just so many of them, and you have better things to do.

You Know Who You’re Marketing To

One of the biggest mistakes we see are clients who start throwing money into marketing and advertising before they know (a) who they are as an organization, (b) what their unique brand position is (UBP), and (c) who they’re targeting. 


If you don’t know the answer to these questions, what you really need is to look into brand development, but once you know the answer to these questions, you need someone with a deep storytelling tool box to know where you need to be in order to effectively and efficiently reach your targeted audience.

You Don’t Have the Time or the Experience

The reason most people come to us to handle their marketing and advertising is that they either (a) don’t have the experience to do it well, or (b) they don’t have the time to do it well. 


Often, it’s a combination of both.


We work with you to identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and overall goals and then develop a strategy to meet those goals with a working monthly budget.

No more media reps stopping in or reaching out. No more wondering if you are advertising in the right places. No more feeling like every minute you spend on marketing and advertising is keeping you from more important things.

You’ll have the full strength and weight of an industry leading creative team behind you.


What Tools Can You Expect to Be Utilized

in Our Marketing Services?











Social Media



What’s the Word on the Street for

Our Marketing Services?


"Folklore has made a huge difference in our advertising. The scripts they've written and directed over the past two years have positioned us as industry leaders, but just as important, they've reduced our media budget while increasing the number of people talking about our company. They came in and made an immediate impact." | Jake Hershberger CEO, Joe's Tire


The Folklore Process



The Approach phase of our process is all about research. We talk to you, the people who love you, the people who don’t love you all that much and everyone in between. We conduct digital audits of your social media and searchable footprint. And we take a look at the players in your industry to find a niche area that you can own and uniquely dominate.



The Articulation phase is the fun stuff. It’s the stage that most people think of when they envision the process of building a brand and reputation.


We take all of the information that we collect in the Approach phase and begin to build out your own unique strategy, including visual assets, messaging assets, partnerships, and all the materials you’ll need to move the needle.



Amplification is about turning up the volume on your new strategy by using all of the appropriate tools in our toolbox. This varies from client to client, but it normally involves varying degrees of owned, earned, paid, and shared media use.



The key to success is your ability to Adapt. You make decisions based on the best feedback you receive. You get some things right. You get some of it wrong.


It’s what you do with each round of feedback that will affect how relevant you remain. We use that feedback to periodically tweak your messaging and positioning to ensure that you keep cutting through the noise and gaining the positive attention you need to keep evolving and making a difference.



Now your story begins...

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