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Public Market

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The Rundown

Wheeling is a city packed with history and nostalgia. We paid homage to this once booming industrial center by using a the familiar shapes and fonts of a fondly remembered local steel manufacturer and turning it on its head as the logomark of Wheeling's first market dedicated solely to bringing the best locally grown, natural food to downtown Wheeling.

The history of Wheeling is rooted in innovation and industrious ambition. Our goal was to create a brand that carried that mantle proudly into the next chapter of Wheeling's story by taking an appreciative and slightly ironic nod to its past.



The Shape.

This cloud shaped outline was the humanizing marker for a local steel manufacturer. It is instantly recognized by the community and filled with nostalgia and feelings of security.


The Fluer De "BEET".

The feur de lis was the identifying marker of the local steel manufacturer. We took that same iconic symbol, and by transforming the bottom half into a bulbous root vegetable, connected the past with the present mission of Public Market.


The Font Choice

This humanizing serif font closely resembles the font used by our industrial inspiration. But the slight modern variation creates a brand that is inviting and appealing to a new generation of shoppers.


The Color. 

Let's face it, red is not the first color you think of when you think about vegetables and organic produce. However, red is the primary action color, and also allows Public Market to stand out blocks away in an increasingly busy downtown district. 



Wheeling is a community attached and engaged with its history but ready to take her lessons and forge ahead into a new chapter of her story. This logomark is the fulfillment of that desire.



Behind the scenes


The process


  • Brand Strategy

  • Market Research

  • Client Interviews


  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging

  • Style Guide


  • TV Spot

  • Digital Advertising

  • Social Video Series


The final product

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