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You should never feel lost in your own story.


Reputation Building

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

Ira Glass


When Should You Invest in Public Relations?

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What Is

Reputation Building?

Reputation building is the process of being intentional about your image and the way people talk about you in your community, your industry, in the line at the grocery store, and on social media.


In the past, your reputation was probably controlled primarily through earned media and a public relations. Today, it is influenced by every facet of your external and internal communications.


It’s the way you leverage social media, it's the social causes you champion, and it's the brand experience you provide on your best and worst day.


At Folklore, we have worked with small business owners, non-profits, sustainable farms, symphony conductors, and college students to cultivate the stories they desire to be told.

Crisis Control

Reputation Repair and Crisis Management are never a good time, but you’re going to make mistakes along the way, and those mistakes rarely need to be death knells.


Sometimes, those mistakes are minor and can be mitigated with a few months of digital monitoring and intentionally counter acting story building. Sometimes, they require long term and intense reparation and repositioning.


Either way, you won’t be alone

Industry Leadership

Is going through the motions not enough for you? Does running in the middle of the pack feel like you're losing? 


You want to lead. You want to lead in your community, your industry, and in the marketplace.


Reputation Building offers a strategic and effective way of gaining attention in a way that dramatically raises your Return on Investment (ROI) in the rest of your advertising and marketing efforts because you are known, trusted, and gosh darn it, people like you.

Seasons of Transition

Is your organization facing a change in leadership or management? Did you or your organization just receive a certification or partnership that is going to dramatically improve the experience and value you provide?


Seasons of transition, no matter what they are, call for very targeted and intentional reputation building to ensure that as you change -- as you grow -- your donors, your customers, and your community are able to continue to play a part in your story.

Before You Need It

The best time to be intentional about your reputation is before you need to rely on your reputation.


Even if you don’t feel the need to do heavy work on your reputation, it never hurts to have someone run a digital audit and spend an hour talking about strategy for the next six months to a year.


We offer  affordable consulting services to go over your goals, run an audit on your current digital footprint, and offer some tools and tactics to help you take the next steps toward reaching your objectives.


What Tools Can You Expect to Be Utilized

in our Reputation Building?





On Camera



Community Partnerships





Social Media Management
















What’s the Word on the Street for

Our Reputation Building Services?


Folklore has provided me with excellent guidance and tools to make my personal brand connect with the local and national community that loves the Symphony here in Wheeling. They have talented creatives in every department and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their story-telling to the next level. This team cares— and they will go the extra mile to make sure that authenticity is at the core of each component of the work. - John Devlin | Music Director, WSO


The Folklore Process



The Approach phase of our process is all about research. We talk to you, the people who love you, the people who don’t love you all that much, and everyone in between. We conduct digital audits of your social media and searchable footprint. And we take a look at the players in your industry to find a niche area that you can own and uniquely dominate.



The Articulation phase is the fun stuff. It’s the stage that most people think of when they envision the process of building a brand and reputation.


We take all of the information that we collect in the Approach phase and begin to build out your own unique strategy, including visual assets, messaging assets, partnerships, and all the materials you’ll need to move the needle.



Amplification is about turning up the volume on your new strategy by using all of the appropriate tools in our toolbox. This varies from client to client, but it normally involves varying degrees of owned, earned, paid, and shared media use.



The key to success is your ability to Adapt. You make decisions based on the best feedback you receive. You get some things right. You get some of it wrong.


It’s what you do with each round of feedback that will affect how relevant you remain. We use that feedback to periodically tweak your messaging and positioning to ensure that you keep cutting through the noise and gaining the positive attention you need to keep evolving and making a difference.



Now your story begins...

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